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Welcome! Please feel free to look though these announcements and see what Troop 230 has going on and what Scouting is all about!  The Troop is Scout-led and is working to fulfill the Vision of Scouting:

The Boy Scouts of America will prepare every eligible youth in America to become a responsible, participating citizen and leader who is guided by the Scout Oath and Law.

Please contact us to learn more and join us in Scouting...  "a game with a purpose"!

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Another Working seesion in the bag! More accomplishments!

Posted on Aug 12 2018 - 9:22pm

Thanks to all who participated this past weekend on the Troop Work session.  We got a lot of clean up in the field and around the flag poles done.  The area is really starting to look very good!

Troop Site Work Session SATURDAY August 11th 8:00 AM departure from Church or 9:00 AM @ Troop site

Posted on Aug 10 2018 - 6:20pm

What:   Work day at the Troop Site

Meet: @ First Baptist Church @ 8:00 AM to carpool down or meet at the Troop site – on or before 9:00 AM.

What will we be doing?  (Going from Ryan Hoyt’s list and the plans for our upcoming camporee / Open House)


Campfire site in the field needs prepped:

  • Adults with some chain saws, loppers, labor.   Clean up the pile and ready the site for a great bonfire (or two)…
  • Cut up the brush / clear the area.
  • Pile tinder / small  / medium / large  wood ready for building the campfire.

 Tree removal:

  • We have a couple of trees we wish to take down and some tree trimming around the flag poles
  • Adults with chainsaws and experience using them!!!!   (Jason and Matt?  You love this stuff!)

 Layout activities:

  • Nature hike course.
  • Adventure hike course.
  • Tomahawk range
  • Etc.

The new road is going in!!!!

Posted on Aug 10 2018 - 6:11pm

Good News: Gravel has been delivered and 1/2 half the road is mostly spread.

"Bad" News: The part that needs to be done still is the HILL!!!

Troop 230 - Troop Site NEWS!!!! The road is going in this FRIDAY!!!!

Posted on Aug 7 2018 - 9:03pm


 The Troop has been working with our Charter Organizations (First Baptist Church of Penfield) on investments to the Troop Camp Site using the profits from the logging of the troop Site that was done several years ago.

 The first main project is happening this week!   A new gravel road is going in on Friday.   This improvement will greatly improve access to the top of the hill and our campsite.  This past weekend several of us were up there to lay out the geotex fabric that will be under the gravel to get ready.  The plan is that on Friday several trucks with many tons of gravel will arrive to spread up our new road.  Following that the Troop will need to fine tune the gravel by hand or with some garden tractors.  After that we have a donation of some tamping equipment which will be used to pack the gravel in place.

 We are very excited to have this very important site improvement underway.   Thanks to Life Scout Ryan Hoyt for his leadership in the exploration and pitching of this improvement to the Church Council.  Well Done!  Thanks to Mr. Pat Michatek for his personal involvement in helping to shepherd this along.

Mr. Michatek will have some more details and can share them with this group…  I’m sure there will be items to help with down at the site on Friday as the stone is delivered.

Keep an eye out!

Mr. Furst, SM

Please RSVP for All the Saturday AM working sessions @ the Troop Site to get ready for Open House!

Posted on Jul 30 2018 - 12:27am

We will have working sesisons to get ready for our upcoming Open House every Satrurday for the month of August.

We know not everyone can make every one, but the PLC is requesting that everyone needs to make 2 of the 4 sessions and preferrably at least 3 of 4.

More info is coming!!!!    

We will meet at 8:00 AM each Saturdya @ the Church to depart or if you wan tot omeet us at the site that is @ 9:00 AM.

MAKE SURE YOU RSVP!   Thank you!

Massawepie Med Forms Needed ASAP!!!!

Posted on Jul 8 2018 - 9:01pm

Massawepie Campers ! Check your email for more details on your specfic needs but everyone needs to have "current" Med Forms Parts A, B, and C, + NYS Addendum, + copy of insurnace card (Front and Back).  

Med form Part C and NYS Addemdum require a physican's signature!!!

Please contact your Scoutmaster with questions!

Get ready for CAMP!

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